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Owner of MITZI Designs & Co., Photography & Media Graphics. Welcome to my Website.

Photos and graphics tell a story all on their own. Marketing with graphics is an artistic way of promoting your business. Instant visual symbols representing what you do or sell. In business you must convey that message quickly, and make people stop and pay attention to your product or service. My company helps you with conveying your sales information, image and promotions.

In today’s fast-paced world, your visual marketing should be your STOP SIGN. Good marketing visuals make people stop and take notice of your business . . . and that gives you, in that moment, the opportunity to sell.

Being a graphic designer for the past 30 years and an artist all my life, I have grown with the graphic design & photography businesses. Consistently keeping up with one of the best photo-editing & graphics software programs on the market.

It is an advantage to be a graphic designer as well as knowledgeable in photography. Both occupational talents include visual artistry that can be applied to a spectrum of job requirements, from Family Photography to marketing solutions business services and products.

I invite you to look through the graphics and photography that has been created for clients within Windsor Essex and Ontario businesses.

Enjoy the View!!

MITZI Designs & Co.  – Providing Digitally Complete, High Resolution, Print-Ready, Graphic Design Files for your business and/or Digital Photo-Files or Prints from your Family Photo-Shoots.

Thank you!! To all the professional business owners from a wide variety of occupations who have utilized my services, both in the field of Graphic Design & Photography. And to my clients whom have entrusted me with photographing their families, both In-Studio and On-Location.

Enjoy your visit to my little corner of the advertising world!

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