Artwork & Terms

Available Services & Artwork TermsA deposit is required for each project commissioned to MITZI DESIGNS.

In every design, elements are different. Corporate branding can include various stages of development, creative collages or visual concepts may vary in the amount of graphics or photographs used, or there could be several designs needed for an on-going advertising campaign.

All projects are discussed in detail and a quote given prior to commencement, so that all parties are clear on the creative timelines needed, materials used, and/or the various degrees of Photo-Editing required.

Each project is calculated in Canadian Currency plus any applicable taxes.

Changes are normal. Most initial designs require some minor alterations. Enhancing certain elements and developing creative visuals can change as the stages of design work are put upon the page. Most reasonable changes are a part of the business, and will not be considered an extra charge. However, considerable changes, added materials or copy that was not originally quoted, are chargeable, and will be discussed with client prior to final billing and reception of your final project.

When you purchase graphic design or photography services by MITZI, you receive all your high resolution, reproducible, digital files of your completed project burned to CD/DVD. Suitable for Offset (CMYK) or digital (CMYK & RGB Format) printing purposes.

Our long distance clients can receive the CD/DVD’s containing their purchased, high resolution graphic design files by express delivery (shipping costs may not be included with initial artwork project quote, and will be added, if needed), or electronic delivery through email (if less than 10 meg.), or specified ftp sites, wherever available.

All artwork files originally created and supplied to client by MITZI DESIGNS are copyrighted and remains the property of MITZI DESIGNS.

You can print, and re-print your Digital Originals at any print shop or photo-lab, to any quantity, or display on your website, in its original state. However, any changes or alterations required to the artwork files will be completed by MITZI DESIGNS. At which time, new high resolution files will be supplied to client via CD, email, express packaging etc.

The World Wide Web has made it easier than ever before to conduct business with people in other cities and countries. Response times to questions or inquiries are quick and efficient. Communications with clients and accessibility to low resolution proof files made simple by way of email or ftp sites (wherever available).

A 10% discount will be given on your next graphic design or digital photography service (sitting fee not included), when a client you refer makes a purchase of any service from MITZI DESIGNS.

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