Mitzi Designs & Company

Mitzi B - Graphic Designer & Digital Photographer
Hello to All who visit this Site,

MY name is MITZI, owner of MITZI DESIGNS, LaSalle Photo Studio & Media Graphics. Welcome to my newly revamped Website 2015.

My working experience in the Graphic Design, pre-press, photography and photo-editing Industries spans over 25 years. However, this website will only feature graphic designs and digital photography accomplished through my own signature company, established in 2007.

While my own ‘Corporate Branding’ was temporarily on hold, it has been my pleasure to create visual art layouts and/or photograph people, special occasions, or advertising compositions that have succeeded in higher sales for my clients’ businesses and brought smiles to peoples faces with every design produced.

MITZI DESIGNS has developed many company’s printed advertising media, from producing its initial concepts and creative ideas to successfully completing eye-catching images and innovative designs. Providing Digitally Complete, High Resolution, Print-Ready, Graphics Design Files for your business and/or Digital Photo-Files or Prints from your Family Photo-Shoots.

To date, hundreds of files have been uploaded to this site. All, a representation of a variety of graphic designs (Marketing, Branding or Advertising), photography and photo-editing (Business and/or Family) services provided.

I invite you to take a look at some of the images captured. Business portraits, family photography, and prestigious events I’ve had the opportunity to photograph. Browse the eye-catching graphics that help market local and Ontario businesses.

Thank you!! To all the professional business owners from a wide variety of occupations who have utilized my services, both in the field of Graphic Designs & Photography. And, to my clients whom have entrusted me with photographing their families, both In-Studio and On-Location.

Enjoy your visit to my little corner of the advertising world!