A Message from MITZI


Proudly in Business BadgeI will apologize in advance, if I have misspelled anyone’s name, title or omitted their name completely. (Drop me a line and let me know. I’ll correct it. EMAIL: mitzidesigns@cogeco.ca).

Becoming a copy-writer? – I speak with visuals, not so much with a pen. But developing my own website has caused me to have to think with both sides of the brain. I now have a greater respect for my clients who are writers. It’s a fine art in itself. I speak mainly with graphics. I hope you enjoyed going through the pages of my website.

As an entrepreneur? – It has been a pleasure, building my own business, and now creating my own website displaying excerpts of graphics and photography that have taken place since the inception of MITZI DESIGNS.

Self-employment? – means you wear many hats. You do more. You work harder and longer than some who punch in and out. Been there, done that, but now I enjoy it more because it’s something I’m building. When it’s not your company to worry about, you have alot less invested. With owning my own business, your job/project/vision starts with me, and I see it through to the end. “Designs to make you smile.”

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