About Mitzi

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Mitzi at computer deskI find it difficult to write any sort of bio in the third person if it’s about me. ‘Mitzi did this, Mitzi did that.’ So, already it’s apparent to me that this would not be considered a ‘proper’ biography. Let’s just say, it’s more of a commentary about myself, my views and experience on business regarding graphic designs, photography, marketing and visuals . . . being an artist.

Please keep in mind that this is my website put forth to you as my in-business, professional portfolio for graphic design and photography services from my company of the same name. Furthermore, it is I, who you will be conversing with and receiving your graphic design and photography services from. So considering my name is Mitzi, and I’ve named my company, said name, I’ll be sticking with the first person in most of my writings.

Hello All, my name is Mitzi and welcome to my website.

I graduated from St. Clair College, from the Commercial Art program, back in 1984. I have been working in the field of Commercial Art (better known as graphic designs) and photography, since graduating. I’ve always been an artist, so going into the field of Commercial Art seemed natural.

My first influence in art was Walter Disney. The colourful illustrations of his cartoon characters were eye catching. My first graphics mural was done in colour pencil, on a huge piece of white bristol-type board (measuring approx. 40″ x 50″). My illustration consisted of the popular cartoon characters from the Disney stories. I had situated the board underneath the dining room table to create my mural. It was the largest uninterrupted free-space area I could find in the house, complete with a roof so no one would step on my artwork. I was eleven.

Today, I still enjoy creating murals, but they’re mostly from photographs, and my media is computer, not colour pencil.

IN BUSINESS – Photos and graphics tell a story all on their own. Marketing with graphics is an artistic way of promoting your business. They are visual symbols representing what you do or sell. In business you must convey that message quickly, and make people stop and pay attention to your product or service. My company helps you with conveying your sales information and promotions.

In today’s fast-paced world, your visual marketing should be your STOP SIGN. Good marketing visuals make people stop and take notice of your business . . . and that gives you, in that moment, the opportunity to sell.

Being a graphic designer for the past 30 years and an artist all my life, I have grown with the graphic design & photography business. Consistantly keeping up with one of the best photo-editing & graphics software programs on the market.

It is an advantage to be a graphic designer as well as knowledgeable in photography. Both talents include visual artistry that can be applied to a spectrum of job requirements, from Family Photography to marketing Business Service and Products.

I invite you to look through the graphics and photography that I have created for clients within the Windsor Essex area and beyond. Enjoy the View!!